Our Founder

The idea for Slipps was created by Cole Leroux when she was teaching a children's ballet class in Santa Monica, California.

She noticed how current ballet shoes lacked features that would make class enjoyable for kids. Drawstrings that were coming undone, limited color options, & poor quality of materials motivated Cole to create a better ballet shoe.

"I wanted kids of all ages to be able to express themselves in the art of movement with a product that is functional but also full of creativity and imagination."

Meet Slipps, a kid-forward ballet brand to help disrupt the traditional and create a brighter future in the world of dance.

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Ballet, the kid way.

We're not just creating ballet shoes, we're crafting a unique dance experience. We inspire young dancers by providing them with ballet shoes that are as vibrant and unique as they are. Slipps is disrupting the industry to bring a new level of personalization to the world of ballet.