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The Prima - Midnight

The Prima - Midnight

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Ideal for dancing in the moonlight.

Product Overview
  • 100% genuine leather, ensuring a soft, comfortable fit.
  • Patented design provides the dancer maximum range of motion without the feel of a center seam.
  • A velcro elastic cross strap allows the dancer ease of use and doesn’t apply pressure to the top of the foot. Easy for little ballerina's to put on their shoes and adjust themselves.
  • Drawstrings at the toe are eliminated for the ultimate functional children’s ballet shoe.
  • A supportive foam insert lines the arch of the foot and allows the dancer stability for continuous wear.
  • We believe in expressing individuality, so we introduced 6 stunning color options.

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    Details and Care

    Meet Slipps, the bright and colorful ballet shoes your little dancer will absolutely adore! Designed with your kid in mind, these shoes are as easy to use as they are fun to wear. Perfect for twirling, leaping, and everything in between, Slipps is the ultimate blend of style and functionality.
    • 100% genuine leather
    • foam insert
    • velcro adjustable strap
    • spot clean 
    • imported
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